This section provides a list of techniques, materials, and common references that are frequently used in the design and decorative painting profession.

Eglomise glass

glass backed by a gold or silver leaf, and engraved through this backing if a painted decor is added. This proceeding was revived in France by a framer by the name of Glomy, in the eighteenth century, hence its appellation. However, Italy keeps samples of eglomise tumbles and goblets backed with gold, dating from the Roman Empire. It is an old technique used on frames, glassware and candlesticks to name a few. Eglomise candlesticks were considered the pauper's silver sterling candlesticks.

Enamel paint

As we said earlier, oil paint is a disappearing product because of concerns over its effect on the environment. Unfortunately, it is irreplaceable in many cases, because it is highly resilient. We have to mention here a wonderful European brand: Fine Paints of Europe. It is a highly durable paint that comes in many colors, and if you want a high gloss for your exterior front door or a piece of furniture, its high gloss is unmatched for its brilliance, durability and its toughness.