French Designing® decorative painting services extend beyond walls to furniture and antiques, offering a second life to any valued possession. We enjoy styling existing or custom-made pieces with various media, the most common being paint and glazing liquid. Our services are supported by a practical and extensive knowledge of the characteristics and makings of each period and style.


Painted Furniture

On the strength of a restorer experience, we can advise you on the worth of a piece and its potentials. In many instances, we recommend to rescue older furniture, such as antiques, by reason of their sentimental value or their good quality or practicality. One needs to balance the replacement value of a piece with the cost of a brush stroke that will revamp it — why not recycle when possible?

Paint, glazing medium and metal leaf techniques were traditionally aimed at concealing ordinary wood or turning a humble variety into a sought-after essence or decor. Because visual impact was always a necessity, cheerful furnishings were produced. Also, fashion dictated seasonal changes to what was formerly praised.

Beyond the utilitarian aspect of the furniture lay its aesthetic value, its statement effect. These days, it is common for people to remove the layer of paint covering armchairs, for instance. This is because a bare wood or distressed wooden frame is more fashionable; however, these outcomes can destroy the relevance of the line of the chair, or ignore that the frame was serving the balance of the painted decor and not vice-versa. The proportions and the design of a piece of furniture are closely intertwined.


Secretary with faux bamboo finish


Apart from these fashionable and historical considerations, we believe that each piece can be improved or radically transformed with the right painting scheme, even in the case of those with awkward proportions or a plain style. With the help of pigments, lacquer or wash, stencil or gilding, any piece can eventually be integrated into an overall setting, or as an echo to the mood of the room.

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