French Designing® boasts over two decades of design experience, providing select interior decoration services to commercial and residential clients in Washington DC, Maryland (MD) and Virginia (VA). We believe there is no budget too small to make a noticeable design improvement in a home; our sucess is driven by this philosophy, coupled with a passionate attentiveness to our clientele's needs.


French Designing® offers the following design services: Advising on furnishing and decorating interiors; Completing partial or entire home renovations; Coaching clients on interior designs, accessories and color schemes; Staging homes for sale or resale.

Our trained eye, artistic culture, technical knowledge, and extensive experience provides the support for each of our customized design services. When meeting with prospective clients, we discover their vision of an ideal home, one that will provide comfort and satisfaction in the long run. This notion is reflected in our design proposal, while also taking into account financial and decorative priorities. Sophistication, quality, durability and originality are our guidelines. We always aim for refinement and simple beauty, staying away from a pompous or gross rendition of the client’s idea of decor and style.


Interior Design

Your interior is the eloquent testimony of your taste and needs. However, your busy schedule may not grant you the time to delectably assemble your possessions, or to purchase the elements that support the unadulterated expression of your personality.

Our ideal is a welcoming home – on a mental and physical level – that is organized, functional, comfortable, set-for-living, and is the object of your pride and delight. Moreover, whether you would like your home to reflect the taste of our time, or simply be your own chic nest, we can provide the necessary guidance to attain your goals.

For instance, curtains, mirrors, paintings, heirlooms can be assembled around a sartorial correctness to impress or to attract. Likewise, they may convey an insouciant desire to array splendidly your valued possessions, inherited or collected, randomly or purposefully to make your heart sing. After all, a home is not a transient place but a nesting space wherein you blossom.

Cozy French Country Living Room

Our philosophy is to allow you to unleash your personality, your yearnings, your exuberance, and channel them to create the most exquisite and unique rooms. Whether you prefer a Bohemian, naturalistic, tribal, fantastic, baroque, surrealistic, theatrical, ostentatious, minimalistic, Zen, neutral, or colorless setting, this is your call. We have no bias and no a-priori, and we respect our customer visions and wellbeing; there are many canons of taste.

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Home Renovation

French Designing® has extensive experience orchestrating residential renovations. We enjoy transforming older spaces into more functional and contemporary ones, focusing on creating a more attractive and comfortable home environment.

Our renovation services have been enlisted to remodel bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, porches, attics, and closets, with an aim to consistently maximize the potential of a space given the available budget.

Original Space (left), Transformed Space (right)

Using our technical and design expertise, we can propose solutions that meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of a renovation project. Following our first meeting, we will analyze your project and propose a customized renovation plan. During the execution phase, we introduce our own architects and builders — or, collaborate with yours’ — to implement the agreed-upon design. The end result is a vibrant and unique space, built to your tastes and desired specifications.

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