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Painting faux windows to brighten up your basement family room

Are there rooms in your house that feel a bit claustrophobic? You can open up the space almost immediately with a decor of  “faux” (“fake” in French) or “trompe l’oeil” (deceiving the eye) windows painted on your walls, bringing the … Continue reading

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Vive les friezes!

A frieze is a linear repeated decorative pattern, with a geometrical or natural design.     Friezes serve several purposes in the decorative art: completing ornate rooms with sophisticated patterns, or bringing in a specific theme as a focus point to … Continue reading

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Murals and wall paintings for children bedrooms and playrooms

  Children live between reality and wonderland where they personify what they believe they are or could be. A fantasy ambiance with murals or characters is more conducive to their games, and having a world of their own also gives … Continue reading

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Illuminate a room with paint effects!

    Houses often have rooms deprived of natural light, and area lamps will be a poor substitute to this necessity; fabric or wallpaper can enliven walls, give them warmth, and yet still no light.  To make walls glow and give … Continue reading

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Open the space in your home: bring in the sky!

Who does not like looking up at the sky to observe clouds, the intensity of its blue, and its passing birds?  One relaxes thinking of how nice it would be to glide in the atmosphere and follow their track.  This is … Continue reading

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