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Vive les friezes!

A frieze is a linear repeated decorative pattern, with a geometrical or natural design.     Friezes serve several purposes in the decorative art: completing ornate rooms with sophisticated patterns, or bringing in a specific theme as a focus point to … Continue reading

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Illuminate a room with paint effects!

    Houses often have rooms deprived of natural light, and area lamps will be a poor substitute to this necessity; fabric or wallpaper can enliven walls, give them warmth, and yet still no light.  To make walls glow and give … Continue reading

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Modernizing 1950s Bedroom Furniture

A client of mine inherited family furniture and decided to keep them for sentimental and practical reasons. They certainly were functional and of high quality, but their color was the snag: they were painted in a flamboyant 50′s yellow ornate … Continue reading

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Living Room Makeover

In many older houses, rooms are small and sometimes partitioned by walls pierced with archways. As I have previously written here on this subject, today we prefer large open spaces that allow us to live, entertain, and work at the same … Continue reading

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Decorative Painting for Restaurants

Who said that using distressed finishes to transform restaurant walls was passé? Lately, to recreate a post-Russian revolution ambiance at the Mari Vanna restaurant in Washington DC and to implement a traditional Mexican décor in Taqueria Nacional, I executed unusual décors … Continue reading

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