"I started painting very young, bursting of admiration for the world in front of my eyes, to reveal it through a different angle or accentuation. Then I developed a passion for the history of Art. I seek to catch the spirit of life, guided by light and perspective, geometry and contrast of colors. I favor quiet and peaceful subjects, and humor. In my representations, I undertake to glorify the Creation as perfection in its most humble beauty or horror; every deeply moored feeling or conviction that I have, always find an exhaust in its sole depiction."

About Christine

Parisian-born Christine Barme Meyers started her artistic career at age fourteen, producing Mogul-style paintings and China-ink-based art on large silk panels. She later transitioned to watercolor and oil painting, mostly reproducing wildlife and landscapes. Christine's interest in Asian art brought her to Japan for one year, and prompted her to study Asian cultures and languages — in addition to Law — at the University in Paris. She later graduated from Law School and became a banking lawyer, yet kept painting on porcelain, ceramics and walls.

After settling in the United States, she returned to her first passion and became a professional muralist and artist. Today, she divides her time between interior design and painting. Christine has worked on residential as well as commercial projects, including stores, hotels, lobbies, compounds, facades and many more. She has been published in numerous magazines and newspapers such as: the Washington Times, Home and Design, Brides, and the Washington Examiner.

Her knowledge of art is particularly deep, unbiased, and animated by an unquenchable thirst to discover new expressions to refresh past visions or fashions. Her library mirrors this inclination and covers the classic masters of Europe, the Middle and Far East and every form of art: illuminations, calligraphy, garden design, archeological finds, painted furniture, sculptures, antiques, ornaments, architecture, natural science, animal kingdom, etc.

Furniture holds no secret for her, since she has researched their styles and making, and has restored numerous pieces over the course of many years. It is through an acquired and digested knowledge coupled to comparative experiences that she can make the right decorative choices for clients.

Christine enjoys classic and contemporary looks, indeed Zen, but her design is always moored in beautiful art pieces, geometry, perspective and contrasts of colors. This does not eliminate humor, but avoids contrived or pretentious decors. At last, she is blessed to do what she enjoys and to meet constantly new and wonderful customers.